June 25, 2022

This camp is intended to introduce the campers to basic wilderness survival techniques. 

These outdoor skills will be combined with an introduction to the beginning of the Bible (Genesis), and the Good News of Jesus Christ for basic life survival. 

This program is led by Manny Gonzalez and CORE 2:15

Cost is $25 for people 9-16 years old. 

Participants will receive a backpack and other outdoor equipment upon completion.

Drop off 9:00 am, pick up 4:00 pm EST

***Pack lunch, water bottle, sunscreen and bug repellent. Wear closed toe shoes. 



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Children's Race


July 8 & 9, 2022

This camp is designed to nurture the learn through play mentality of 6 and 7 year olds. We will play, sing, craft and problem solve. We are excited to perform skits and share about how we are created to be lights for God. 

Cost: $20 per camper

Drop off 9am and pick up 3pm Eastern Time Friday and Saturday. 

**Snacks provided.

Please pack a lunch both days!

Kids Playing Tug of War


July 15-17, 2022

3rd-5th grade camp is such a unique opportunity for your child. The exploration of nature and opportunities for imagination are endless!

We will explore and learn about God through the great outdoors! We are excited about the silliness of skits and the problem solving of teambuilding. This camp will help discover or develop the light we have in the world.

Cost: $30 per camper

Friday drop off 9am and pick up 3pm,

Saturday drop off 9am,

OPTIONAL over night,

Pick up at 12pm Eastern Time after church Sunday. 

**Please pack a lunch both days!

Dinner, breakfast and snacks provided.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion


July 22-24, 2022

Do not miss this camp! These are some of the most crucial years of spiritual development in your child’s life! We are thrilled to run your children around camp, teach them God’s word in an engaging way.

Cost: $40 per camper, 6 meals provided.

Friday drop off 9am and pick up at 12pm Eastern Time after church Sunday.

Smiling Teenage Boy


August 5-7, 2022

Memory making activities, delicious food and quality time. 

Get ready to go through biblical leadership and making a lasting impact. 

We believe that BIG things happen when you take a person out of their routine and get them spiritually fed for days! We are excited for this camp because this is where rubber meets the road in faith. 

Cost: $40 per person, includes 6 meals.

Arrive Friday at 10am, wrap up Sunday 12pm Eastern Time.